Please Text me Year/Make/Model, a few pictures of vehicle, and rough idea of what you are looking to have done to:


So I can give a better idea on pricing. Every detail is catered to each customer and vehicles needs.  

-Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings

-Glassparency Glass Coating

-Exterior Services

  • Machine Applied Paint Sealant 

  • Clay Bar Treatment/ Paint Contaminants Removed

  • Wheels Acid Cleaned

  • Tires and Trim Cleaned and dressed

  • Windows Cleaned Inside/Out

  • Exhaust Tips Polished 

  • Black Trim Restored/Conditioned 

  • Complete Interior Vacuum

  • Door Jam Detailing and Rust preventative services

-Interior Services   

  • Shampoo Carpets & Upholstery

  • All Cracks & Crevices aired & steamed 

  • Vinyl / Leather Cleaned & Conditioned

  • Dash / Console / Panels Cleaned & Conditioned

  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out 

  • Odor removal such as smoke/ mildew etc. through Steaming Upholstery/ Ventilation Deodorizing/ Ozone Treatment

-Paint Correction

  • Rupes Polisher

  • Texture in paint AKA Orangepeel Knockdown by Wetsanding

  • Marring AKA Swirl Marks

    +Headlight Restoration                 

    +Paint Touch Up




-Paint Protection Film

  • Ceramic Coatings are a no brainer when it comes to preserving your paint and allowing easy maintenance, but they do not protect against stone chips. The ultimate way to protect a new vehicle is to apply paint protection film aka Clear Bra to high impact areas, and apply a ceramic coating over the film as well as the rest of the vehicle.

-Window Tinting

  • We offer in house tinting and can be done during your detail appointment.

  • TailLamp/ Headlamp Film

-Marine Detailing

  • Oxidation Removal

  • Mildew Removal

  • Outdoor Boat Storage Available Year round behind the shop!

  • Ceramic Pro Marine Protection


  • Badge/ Vinyl Removal

  • Ding Removal

  • Wheel Repair (curb rash/ bends/ cracks/ refinishing)  

  • LED/ Projector Lighting Upgrades    

  • Hard Water Spot Removal  

  • Faded Exterior Trim Plastic Restoration/ Coating

  • Remote Starters & Alarms, Aftermarket Stereo Installation                                                                  



*All prices subject to change by vehicle size and condition.  (excessive dirt, grime, stains, oxidation, corrosion, pets, and neglect can effect the amount of time required to restore condition of vehicle)